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Your attorney is your most important lifeline when confronting the stressful and confusing legal system. It's paramount that you grasp the seriousness of your charges, and take action to avoid a wrongful conviction. Our lawyers work from day one to educate you about your case and ensure the best result.

Dealing with your DWI charges

In Minnesota you'll pay reinstatement fees if your driving privileges were revoked due to a DWI incident. On top of the fine and costs of a DWI, you have to clear additional hurdles such as classes and exams. We have experience in representing individuals changed with DWI.

What are the consequences of a DWI?

  • Lengthy driver's license suspension
  • Mandatory attendance at alcohol and drug education classes
  • Difficulty retaining or obtaining employment
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Travel restrictions outside USA (Canada)

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We also handle cases related to Real Estate and Probate, Residential, Commercial, and Farm. Call us for more details.

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