Manage your mounting financial trouble

If your bills are piling up and creditors won't stop harrassing you, there is a way out. Sather Law Office functions as a debt relief agency, and can help you explore all your options, including bankruptcy.

Financial turmoil can infect every part of your life. We realize that debt and collection calls weigh heavy on your mind. We're here to advocate for you, and bring your financial struggles to a reasonable resolution.

Am I doomed to debt forever?

Luckily, there are options to rescue your personal or business finances. Under the bankruptcy code Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13, a significant amount of your debt can be discharged. If you don't favor bankruptcy, we work with your creditors on payment plans and loan restructuring.

Are there positives associated with bankruptcy?

  • Freedom from harassing collection calls
  • Start to put money aside and build for the future
  • Increased awareness and financial knowledge
  • Prevent property from being repossessed
  • No longer obligated to pay majority of debt

While you probably equate bankruptcy to a point of no return, it's really the beginning of your financial future. No longer will you have to make painful choices between bills and putting food on the table. You can make a clean break, and start making smart financial choices and rebuilding your credit.

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